A Trans Girl Has No Name

Chloe Jade Skye

“The higher we rise, the smaller we look to those who cannot fly.”

This blog will chronicle my evolution as a writer and as a woman as I make my way through this temporary existence.

Latest from the Blog

Star Trek TNG: Code of Honor [S1x04]

My question is this: if we’re taking down episodes of old tv shows that we now know are incredibly racist, why the hell is Star Trek’s “Code of Honor” still on Netflix?

Sports, Masculinity, & Me

“Because I have a penis, I was seen as male, and it was expected of me to play sports. Failure to live up to the masculine expectations of my parents would result in mockery, insults, or grounding, if not physical abuse. So I tried my very best to do what was expected of me.”

Star Trek TNG: The Naked Now [S1x03]

On its surface, the premise of “The Naked Now” is a good one: the entire crew is affected by something that makes them behave as though they are drunk…but the script divides its characters down a gender line: the women are stupid, incapable, horny, and serve no plot function, while the male characters resist their urges and solve literally everything.

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