A Trans Girl Has No Name

Chloe Jade Skye

“The higher we rise, the smaller we look to those who cannot fly.”

This blog will chronicle my evolution as a writer and as a woman as I make my way through this temporary existence.

Latest from the Blog

Rewriting Sexuality: How I Unlearned Toxic Masculinity

Looking back, it’s honestly unbelievable the number of things I was told as a young boy that were, at best, horrible advice, and at worst, actual dangerous and predatory behavior….Identifying as female has completely changed the way I think about sex yet again.

My Top 10 Films of 2020

This was a weird year, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t get a number of films that are worth bringing with us as we leave 2020 in the dust.

Animorphs is Vital Trans Representation

Long before I’d heard the word “transgender,” I was a kid who loved Animorphs. In 4th grade, for the first time, I imagined myself transforming not into an animal’s body, but into the body of a female classmate… I’d never felt so complete.

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